• Julian Jackson's biography is a worthy monument to this extraordinary figure. He has a good eye for the telling quotation and a magnificent capacity to place de Gaulle, one of the most fascinating subjects in twentieth-century politics, in his historical and political setting. The result is a wonderful history of modern France disguised as the biography of a statesman.

    Mark Mazower, New York Review of Books
  • Jackson's new biography makes awesome reading, and is a tribute to the fascination of its subject, and to Jackson's mastery of it.

    Max Hastings, Sunday Times
  • A tour de force, and by far the best biography in English to date.

    Patrick Marnham, Standpoint
  • Scholarship of the highest class ... a truly great book, for after this all other biographies can be cast aside.

    Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • A Certain Idea of France is more than just another, bigger, biography ... he has the skill and style to maintain a dramatic narrative over nearly 800 pages of text

    Robert Tombs, Spectator
  • A Certain Idea of France is full of fascinating detail and anecdote ... It is a suitably monumental achievement.

    Lewis Jones, The Times
  • Only a great biography could do justice to such a man. This one does it, magnificently.

    Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph
  • Jackson has written a biography that fully matches de Gaulle's remarkable life. ... This is too an extremely busy book, packed with anecdote, adventure and the kind of insider gossip that can only be foraged by an expert historian who is comfortable in the archives but who has eyes and ears ever alert to the telling details.

    Andrew Hussey, New Statesman
  • Compelling and painstakingly documented

  • With a fluent style and near-total command of existing and newly available sources, he peers behind the monolithic façade to unmask a composite of opposing traits ... crafting the finest one-volume life of de Gaulle in English, Julian Jackson has come closer than anyone before him to demystifying this conservative at war with the status quo, for whom national interests were inseparable from personal honour and "a certain idea of France."

    Richard Norton Smith, Wall Street Journal

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