• If you care about your art, your job or your market, you really have no choice but to read this book

    Seth Godin, author of Purple Cow and Linchpin
  • Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard. This book helps you with the hard part

    Guy Kawasaki, former Apple guru and author of The Art of the Start
  • This book is like a Swiss Army knife for ideas

    Ji Lee, Creative Director at Google Creative Lab
  • This is a book about execution, and when it comes to going from an idea to a real business, execution is everything

    John Battelle, co-founder of WIRED and BoingBoing
  • If your creative team or organization struggles to implement their best ideas, or if you find that your own creative projects languish unfinished, you need Making Ideas Happen

    Teresa Amabile, Director of Research, Harvard Business School
  • There are techniques in this book that can turn disorganised creative prima donnas into organised creative prima donnas

    Chuck Porter, co-chairman, Crispin Porter + Bogusky
  • Belsky offers an illustrated map to get to the destination of your great ideas

    Scott Thomas, Design Director, Obama Presidential Campaign

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