• From now on, McGuire will be known as the author of the novel Here, because it's a work of literature and art unlike any seen or read before. A book like this comes along once a decade, if not a century

    Chris Ware, Guardian
  • Promises to leapfrog immediately to the front ranks of the graphic-novel genre

    Jennifer Schuessler, New York Times
  • Exquisitely drawn . . . dizzying. To hold it is to covet it

    Rachel Cooke, Observer
  • All comics are somehow sheet music of time, but Richard's book is a symphony. I can't think of too many works that totally justify the odd share of attention comics have gotten in recent years, but this is one of them.

    Art Spiegelman
  • A meditation on "impermanence" . . . emotionally compelling yet unsettling

  • A gorgeous symphony

  • Beautiful, mesmerizing, a dazzling experiment in form . . . both bleak and vivid and more a work of art than a comic book

  • The concept is stunningly simple, and in laying bare the universality of existence - its beauty, ugliness, and mundanity - it is utterly moving

  • McGuire adds lavish color and some plot, but he preserves the captivating, uncanny sense of love, anger and tragedy flying across the centuries while staying in one place.

    Mark Athikis
  • One of the most engaging graphic novel experiments in book form I've ever seen

    Los Angeles Times

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