• A Fistful of Shells is the fruit of research conducted in the archives of nine nations and required the author to undertake fieldwork across eight West African states. It shows. [...] This is a stunning work of research and argumentation. It has the potential to become a landmark in our understanding of the most misunderstood of continents.

    David Olusoga, New Statesman
  • A multifaceted history of West Africa which turns many old assumptions on their heads. Green utterly demolishes the tired Western view that Africa had no history before the arrival of the Europeans, and that they naively ceded power in the region to the newcomers by exchanging valuable goods for baubles. A magisterial, extensive and fresh account of the history of West Africa that rewrites the region and its peoples back into World History, where they belong.

    Miranda Kaufmann, Author of BLACK TUDORS
  • Toby Green's book restores the rich African history which she had been denied for too long. Here the author reveals that Africa was never at the margins of global commerce but was in fact a decisive player with the prowess to negotiate and also the goods - ivory, gum, gold - to supply.

    Hassoum Ceesay, National Museum, The Gambia
  • Toby Green's transformative book repositions West African history in an entirely new light. It brings into focus the region's fundamental place in shaping the modern world as well as the powerful and also difficult legacy of this today.

    Paul Reid, Director, Black Cultural Archives
  • Very seldom do I pick up a history book and wish I had written it myself. Toby Green's A Fistful of Shells is one such book. Brilliantly conceptualized, beautifully written, Fistful of Shells breaks with colonially configured regional boundaries-which work to re-create unintended silos of knowledge-to imagine a West and West Central African Atlantic history of money, power, religion, and inequality that is as rich as it is sound.

    Professor Nwando Achebe, Michigan State University
  • An epic journey and an astonishing tale

    W.G. Sebald, on Toby Green’s SADDLED WITH DARWIN: A Journey through South America
  • Very beautifully, very movingly written... by someone who knows Africa

    Ryszard Kapuscinski, on Toby Green’s MEETING THE INVISIBLE MAN: Secrets and Magic in West Africa