Adversaries into Allies

Winning People over Without Manipulation or Coercion

Bob Burg

The Sages asked, "Who is mighty?" and answered, "Those who can control their own emotions and make of an enemy a friend."

In the bestselling book The Go Giver, Bob Burg and John David Mann revolutionized the way we think about success via one very simple lesson: "Shifting one's focus from getting to giving (constantly and consistently providing value to others) is both very fulfilling and the most profitable way to do business.

Now Burg is back with a new book, offering deeper insight into what it means to be truly influential and providing powerful strategies for mastering the art of winning people over.

  • Portfolio Penguin
  • Published 27th February 2014
  • 256 Pages
  • 156mm x 212mm x 25mm
  • 394g
  • £18.99