• <b>Involving and beautifully told . . . There's a reason why Marian Keyes is the queen of commercial women's fiction</b>

    i Newspaper
  • Classic Marian Keyes: a blizzard of wit and wisecracks. Mercilessly funny

    The Times
  • <b><i>The Break</i> races along with Keyes' trademark energy, lightness of touch and plenty of laughs</b>

    Sunday Express
  • <b><i>The Break</i> makes me laugh out loud</b>

    Sunday Express
  • <b>Breathlessly entertaining</b>

    Connaught Telegraph
  • <b>Keyes writes extremely well about modern women. A breezy, candid and deeply felt account of a wife, mother and career woman rediscovering herself</b>

  • <b>Girl-power at its best. I laughed . . . I cried</b>

    Daily Mail
  • <p><b>Another belter. Full of brilliantly fun characters, genuine emotion and heaps of charm. We loved it!</b><br><b></b></p>

  • <b>A snappy narrator and a raucous cast of characters</b> <b>make <i>The Break</i> another classic from Marian Keyes</b>

    Sunday Express
  • Fabulously entertaining. Classic Keyes. The queen of intelligent women's fiction

    Sunday Mirror
  • A pleasure. Keyes writes women who are absolutely themselves, even when society tries to insist they be something else

    Irish Times
  • Hilariously wise

  • Marian Keyes's latest novel will have you enraged one moment. Half laughing. Half crying the next. While nodding in recognition

  • Marian Keyes writes about modern relationships and families with brutal yet endearing honesty, wonderful humour and astonishing acumen

    Ruth Hogan, author of The Keeper of Lost Things
  • There is no finer writer than Marian Keyes and <i>The Break</i> is her at the top of the game; funny, real, with characters that speak to all of us. Only Keyes can combine pathos and humour with such effortless skill, to produce a novel that stays with you long after you've turned the final page

    Rowan Coleman, author of The Summer of Impossible Things
  • Underline Keyes' status as an international treasure. The ultimate choice for a binge read

  • A gripping story with great heart, intensity and wisdom

    Sunday Business Post
  • Hilarious and moving, a zeitgeisty look at how couples splinter or stay together in the face of life's obstacles

    Irish Times
  • I bloody loved it. Many moments of comic genius, empathy and heartbreak. She really is unparalleled when it comes to making serious points with the lightest of touches.

    The Pool
  • I absolutely LOVED <i>The Break</i> - such energy, wit and good humour

    Fanny Blake, author and books editor, Woman & Home
  • One of the most reliably brilliant novelists writing with humour and insight about women's lives, I think Keyes gets better and better

    Alice O’Keeffe, The Bookseller
  • Hilariously warm and wonderful

  • <p><b>Amy's husband Hugh has run away to <i>'find himself'</i>. But will he ever come back? </b></p><p><b>'Myself and Hugh . . . We're taking a break.'</b><br><b>'A city-with-fancy-food sort of break?'</b></p><p>If only.</p>

    from the publisher's description
  • <b>September's best pulse-quickening pager-turner. Marian Keyes at her most classic and brilliant best</b>

  • <b>Fabulously entertaining, classic Keyes . . . a delightful reminder of why best selling Keyes has earned her crown as the queen of intelligent woman's fiction </b>

    The People
  • <b>The ultimate choice . . . filled with the author's signature themes, think turbulent relationships, tricky families and the need for self-belief. Keyes' [is] an international treasure</b>

  • <b>Cause for celebration . . . An engrossing novel full of wit and warmth. The humour never once detracts from the emotional depth.</b>

  • <b>Cause for jubilation . . . This proves her to be the reigning queen of British chick lit . . . insightful, funny and poignant</b>

    Daily Mail
  • Gloriously funny

    The Sunday Times
  • Funny but poignant

    Marie Claire
  • A total triumph

    Daily Mail
  • Not only is it a great story with funny, loveable characters, it made me laugh out loud