• It is charming, funny and poignant. But also profound, heartbreaking. If you already love Marian, this is her best yet. If you haven't read her, this is the one

    Nina Stibbe
  • Messy, tangled complex humans who reminded me that few of us ever really sort out our lives at all

    Jojo Moyes
  • Magnificently messy lives, brilliantly untangled. Funny, tender and completely absorbing!

    Graham Norton
  • I loved every word of Grown Ups. I will be missing those gorgeous vibrant characters for many weeks to come. There should be a word to describe the sadness and satisfaction you feel when you read the last page of a Marian Keyes novel: the ending is perfect but you still want more, more, more

    Liane Moriarty
  • I LOVED Grown Ups so much. It's SUCH a treat. I felt like I was rolling in PURE JOY throughout. The cleverest cream cake of words

    Caitlin Moran
  • Marian Keyes shows superb skill at tackling tough themes in this tale of a clan with secrets. Grown Ups is a warm-hearted, wise and highly entertaining portrayal of how families behave; and of the love and tolerance required to sustain our closest relationships

    Hannah Beckerman, Observer
  • A novel that is warm and witty but never afraid to tackle the big stuff

    Elizabeth Day, Mail on Sunday
  • This beauty of a book just took the crown as my new favourite Marian Keyes novel (and that is a HIGH bar). It's tender, hilarious, important, with characters who feel as real as your own family by the time you're done. I put it down and felt bereft

    Beth O'Leary
  • A brilliant bunch of flawed individuals, all battling to understand themselves and those around them. Definitely worth devouring this year! What a treat

    Giovanna Fletcher
  • THIS BOOK. Reader, I LOVED it. Funny & thoughtful & such brilliantly drawn characters I am genuinely bereft that my time with them is over. And it tackles some REALLY important issues with immense sensitivity & insight

    Hannah Beckerman