• <b>Astutely observed, pacey fiction. The characters and observations are acute - and often a hoot. Nicole Kidman has already bought the film rights</b>

    Sunday Times
  • <b>Another page-turning belter of a book . . . with wit, charm, emotion, drama and mystery aplenty, this is an absolute must</b>

  • <b>This wonderful novel had me utterly hooked</b>

    Daily Mail
  • <b>A fantastic piece of entertainment . . . Read this witty and fast-moving novel now, before the inevitable TV series</b>

    The Times
  • <b>What a joy it is. I've never read Liane Moriarty before . . . I don't know what I was thinking. Brilliantly entertaining, tightly plotted. You're in for loads of fun</b>

    The Pool
  • <b>No one currently writes about the minutiae of women's lives with quite as much insight and pull as Moriarty and, once again, her slow-burn plotting leaves you gasping at the end of the tale. I am jealous of anyone who hasn't read this yet</b>

  • <b>One of the best books of 2018</b>

  • <b>A hugely enjoyable read: a warm and wise take on fractured lives, full of sharp observations about the frailty of human nature</b>

    Sunday Express
  • <b>Not so much a psychological thriller as a psychological comedy . . . wit and insight abound</b>

    Sunday Times Crime Club
  • <b>Another sure-fire hit . . . Funny yet full of drama, this is a must-read</b>

  • <b>A super-suspenseful page-turner</b>

    Mail on Sunday
  • <b>Funny, captivating and well-observed</b>

    Good Housekeeping
  • <b>The pleasure here is the skill with which Moriarty inhabits her characters, as she carefully builds the suspense</b>

  • <b>The hard-to-put-down psychological thriller will keep you guessing</b>

    Evening Standard
  • <b>A really enjoyable thriller</b>

  • <b>Moriarty has an entertainingly keen eye for the absurdities of modern life. She is also as adept at writing laugh-out-loud scenes as tugging on the reader's heartstrings. You'll plough through <i>Nine Perfect Strangers </i>like a warm knife through butter</b>

    Daily Express
  • <b>Liane Moriarty serves up laughs, thrills and surprises</b>

    Mail Online UK
  • <b>A witty and poignant novel - Moriarty's storytelling is worth every penny</b>

  • <b>Fantastic</b>

  • <b>Liane Moriarty's latest novel is a hoot</b>

    Daily Mail
  • <b>A psychological thriller that takes place at a wellness retreat. It's gripping and hilarious and perfect for the plane, mostly because you'll never put it down</b>

  • <b>Moriarty is as adept at comedy as tugging on heartstrings</b>

    Daily Express
  • <b>This wonderful novel had me utterly hooked. Hilarious reading at first, but then the tone becomes darker and more dangerous . . .</b>

    Mail Online
  • <b><u>Praise for Liane Moriarty</u></b>

  • Like drinking a pink cosmo laced with arsenic . . . a fun, engaging and sometimes disturbing read

    USA Today
  • Moriarty writes vividly, wittily and wickedly

    Sunday Express
  • Straight-from-life characters, knife-sharp insight and almost unbearable suspense will have you racing through it

    Good Housekeeping
  • As brilliantly accomplished as it is dark, twisty and compulsive

  • Riveting drama packed with suspense and secrets

    Woman & Home
  • Perfect

  • Fascinating and compassionate

    Daily Telegraph
  • Funny and captivating

  • A cracking story cleverly told