• No better on-the-ground description of Britain's war in Afghanistan will ever be written. Rain is what Chickenhawk or, more recently, Matterhorn was to Vietnam. It's unputdownable, except for when the reader needs to draw breath or battle a lump in the throat

    Evening Standard
  • Riveting. The evocation of life in a warzone is captivatingly real . . . As well as the extraordinary detail there's a heartrending emotional depth . . . The result is eye opening and harrowing. A really powerful debut

    Sunday Mirror
  • A wonderfully achieved, enthralling and moving novel of war. Its authenticity is as telling as it is terrifying

    William Boyd
  • Rain is not merely good, it's remarkable. Powerful, at times unbearably harrowing, it captures both the fear and exhilaration of men pushed to breaking point

    Jeremy Paxman
  • One of the most powerful and emotional works ever written about British soldiers in battle. Troubling, funny, upsetting, exhilarating and deeply moving. You will never forget it

    Colonel Richard Kemp
  • A powerful and moving story of war with all the authenticity of a memoir

    Charles Cumming
  • Thrilling, gut-wrenching and profoundly moving, this book, like all the very best novels of war, has the utterly compelling grip of authenticity

    James Holland
  • An extraordinary book: authentic, beautifully written and very moving

    Saul David
  • Simply superb. It could become the defining account of British soldiers in Afghanistan

    Tom Petch, Writer and Director of 'The Patrol'
  • One of the best novels about the Afghanistan war. Brutally honest, it could have been a memoir. Read Rain

    David Axe