• A technicolour jazzy rollercoaster ride into a dazzling hell ...Like A Clockwork Orange, this book has the makings of a cult success

    André Brink
  • A great read, fast-paced, witty, sussed and sexy. It snaps and pops with neologisms and geek-speak, and fizzes and buzzes with gadgetry and techno-toys.

    Michiel Heyns, The Sunday Independent
  • The larval form of a new kind of SF munching its way out of the intestines of the wasp-paralysed caterpillar of cyberpunk

    Charles Stross
  • Beukes has created an imaginary world that captures the social realities of our time. As entertaining as MOXYLAND is, it is also profound and, dare I say, important ...

    J Robert King, author of Angel of Death
  • Lean, sharp, and tightly written, MOXYLAND keeps raising the stakes, from the opening chapter to the uncompromising finale. And with its electronic panopticon, it gives us a dystopia to rival 1984 or Stand On Zanzibar - a future horrifying for its very plausibility

    Gareth L Powell
  • Beukes deals with slightly surreal things in very real ways. I'm all over it

    Gillian Flynn
  • I recommend it highly

    Paul Cornell
  • You don't have to be an SF aficionado to love this novel that is fast, brimming with original ideas and deadly serious

    The Mail and Guardian
  • Moulds language to its own purpose so shockingly, is so gripping and so disturbing, that it will become, in time, a classic ... Sassy, bold, inventive, believable, deeply engaging and overtly, sublimely political, MOXYLAND will draw to itself a wide and appreciative audience

  • Beukes's stunningly original sci-fi thriller chills and thrills to the last breath


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