• Finkelstein demonstrates a unique talent for identifying important business lessons in places where others have failed to look

    Russell Lewis, President & CEO, New York Times Company
  • I couldn't agree more with Sydney Finkelstein that innovation is part of the lead­ership DNA. The best bosses - superbosses - must foster a culture of innovation, encourage smart risk taking, remove obstacles, and drive change. They demand world-class performance and empower their teams to achieve it. Superbosses gives leaders a playbook to bring out the best in their people

    Jeff Immelt, chairman and CEO, GE
  • Superbosses shows the incredible impact that great managers can have, both on their employees and on entire industries. Finkelstein has written a true leadership guide for the Networked Age

    Reid Hoffman, cofounder and chairman, LinkedIn; coauthor of The Alliance
  • Superbosses is the rare business book that is chock-full of new, useful, and often unexpected ideas. After you read Finkelstein's well-crafted gem, you will never go about leading, evaluating, and developing talent in quite the same way

    Robert Sutton, author of Scaling Up Excellence and The No Asshole Rule
  • A smart leader surrounds himself with smart people. Through his book Superbosses, Finkelstein shows the surprising ways leaders actually find, develop, and grow a team of curious, talented individuals

    Millard Drexler, chairman and CEO, J.Crew Group
  • Maybe you're a decent boss. But are you a superboss? That's the question you'll be asking yourself after reading Sydney Finkelstein's fascinating book. By revealing the secrets of superbosses from finance to fashion and from cooking to comic books, Finkelstein offers a smart, actionable playbook for anyone trying to become a better leader.

    Daniel H. Pink, author of To Sell is Human and Drive
  • Superbosses is one of the most important, groundbreaking, and actionable leadership books to hit the market in years. Finkelstein has done the hard work of proving,through deep research and analysis, and showing, through colorful stories and examples, that the way the best leaders succeed is by unleashing creativity, inno-vation, and motivation through their approaches to hiring and management. But here's the best news: these lessons are teachable and directly applicable, whether you are a chief executive, a soccer coach, or an aspiring young professional

    James M. Citrin, author of The Career Playbook; leader, CEO Practice, Spencer Stuart
  • First and foremost, this is a book about leadership - how the best recruit, nurture, and build teams of strong leaders. Consider it a beacon, written about superbosses who manage talent innovatively and achieve unrivaled success in their field - and written for those who want to excel and play at the top of their game. Sydney Finkelstein has nailed it

    General James Amos, USMC (Ret.), 35th commandant of the Marine Corps