• We're very lucky in this generation to have so perceptive, eloquent, and passionate an advocate for a better way of doing things ... I can't imagine anyone starting to read English Pastoral and not being eager to read it all at once, as I did

    Philip Pullman
  • A wonderful and timely account of one farmer's lifelong effort to do right by his family, his land, his animals and his ecosystem

    Nick Offerman
  • English Pastoral is a work of art. It is nourishing and grounding to read ... this brave and beautiful book will shape hearts and minds.

    Jane Clarke, author of WHEN THE TREE FALLS
  • James Rebanks describes the life of a Lakeland working farmer from the inside with a unrivalled truth and eloquence

    Tom Fort, author of CASTING SHADOWS
  • Vivid, accessible, inspiring - a story about one man's emerging land ethic, and an appreciation of the old ways in modern times. A vital book for anybody who eats

    Kathryn Aalto, author of WRITING WILD
  • A highly evocative, lyrically-written, involving personal history, which conveys the unique and particular beauty of the Lake District's fell landscape, and records the damage wreaked on it by industrial farming. Through the eyes of James Rebanks as a grandson, son, and then father, we witness the tragic decline of traditional agriculture, and glimpse what we must now do to make it right again. It is a terribly important book, and as an evocation of British landscape past and present, it's up there with Cider With Rosie.

    Joanna Blythman
  • James Rebanks is a beautiful writer, in a unique position to describe the challenges currently being faced by farmers throughout the world. English Pastoral is a joy to read and extremely moving - a book which should be read by every citizen.

    Patrick Holden, Sustainable Food Trust