The Colour Storm

The Colour Storm

The compelling and spellbinding story of art and betrayal in Renaissance Venice


The new spellbinding and enchanting story set in Renaissance Venice, from the internationally acclaimed author of Tomorrow

'A glorious, exuberant summer read; Damian Dibben's triumph is the character of Zorzo, a buoyant, loveable guide to the grandeur and the dangers of Renaissance Venice'

'Addictive, ambitious and knife sharp. A compelling thriller and a celebration of art. Ravishing'

'An engaging thriller and a compelling exploration of an artist's obsession with love and colour'

'An alluring Renaissance mystery of rivalry in love and art, where the gothic dank darkness of Venice is steeped in dreams of exquisite colour'

'Art and ambition, love and obsession all come into play in this compelling and spellbinding tale set in Renaissance Venice'

'An intoxicating story about an incredible period in history'

'A terrific book . . . Absorbing, exciting and, dare I say it, colourful. An original tale told beautifully'

Enter the world of Renaissance Venice, where the competition for fame and fortune can mean life or death...

Artists flock here, not just for wealth and fame, but for revolutionary colour. Yet artist Giorgione 'Zorzo' Barbarelli's career hangs in the balance. Competition is fierce, and his debts are piling up. So when Zorzo hears a rumour of a mysterious new pigment, brought to Venice by the richest man in Europe, he sets out to acquire the colour and secure his name in history.

Winning a commission to paint a portrait of the man's wife, Sybille, Zorzo thinks he has found a way into the merchant's favour. Instead he finds himself caught up in a conspiracy that stretches across Europe and a marriage coming apart inside one of the city's most illustrious palazzos.

As the water levels rise and the plague creeps ever closer, an increasingly desperate Zorzo isn't sure whom he can trust.

Will Sybille prove to be the key to Zorzo's success, or the reason for his downfall?

Atmospheric and suspenseful, and filled with the famous artists of the era, The Colour Storm is an intoxicating story of art and ambition, love and obsession.

Praise for Damian Dibben

'An epic tale of love, of courage, of hope' Evening Standard

'Bask in the brilliance' The Mail on Sunday


  • A glorious, exuberant summer read. Dibben's triumph is the character of Zorzo, a buoyant, loveable guide to the grandeur and the dangers of Renaissance Venice
    The Times

About the author

Damian Dibben

Damian Dibben's novels have been translated into twenty-seven languages and published in over forty countries. His series The History Keepers was an international publishing phenomenon. Dibben originally trained as an artist and scenic designer before becomnig an actor and screenwriter. He lives on London's South Bank with his partner Ali and their dogs Dudley, Daphne and Velvet. The Colour Storm is his second novel to explore seismic events of the past, whose influence and power can be felt to this day. His first, Tomorrow, was published to critical acclaim in 2018.
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