• Packs in so much of our astronomical knowledge, so many tidbits about the history of astronomy and space exploration that I felt wonderfully enriched by it all. The book managed to surprise me in so many different ways. It is visually striking and beautifully illustrated

    Dr. Alfredo Carpineti, writer for @IFLScience
  • Praise for Vargic's Miscellany of Curious Maps

  • Beautiful

  • It's a cliché to say an artist can change the way you look at the world - but Martin Vargic truly has.
  • This is a must read
  • Bitingly satirical
  • A phenomenal collection
  • Amazing

    Daily Mail
  • Gorgeous
  • Martin Vargic's maps of the world look like they belong on parchment, hung on walls of estates that no one can really afford . . . but there's more to the world than piles of dirt and great swathes of sea water . . . his cartography creates an indirect commentary on how cultural proximities are every bit as relevant in the digital age as geographical ones.