• Extraordinary. . . you should read it

    Nick Hornby, Believer
  • Modern physics has found its poet. A captivating, fascinating, profoundly beautiful book. . . Rovelli is a wonderfully humane, gentle and witty guide for he is as much philosopher and poet as he is a scientist

    John Banville, Irish Times
  • A dizzying, poetic work in which I found myself abandoning everything I thought I knew about time

    Charlotte Higgins, Guardian
  • Wonderful. . . Time is something we think we know about instinctively; here he shows how profoundly strange it really is

    Philip Pullman, Guardian
  • Meet the new Stephen Hawking. . . I've never seen special relativity explained so well, never visualised it less fuzzily, never felt such a jolt of shock at what it implies

    James McConnachie, Sunday Times
  • I consider Carlo Rovelli to be a poet as much as a physicist. . . Everybody should read this book

    Es Devlin
  • A joy to read. . . Rovelli writes easily, vividly and brilliantly - he is as at ease with Beethoven as he is with Boltzmann's constant, and verses by Horace launch each chapter, one of which ends with a couplet from the Grateful Dead. . . A delight

    Tim Radford, Guardian
  • A deep - and remarkably readable - dive into the fundamental nature of time. . . written with enough charm and poetry to engage the imagination of anyone who reads it

    Clive Cookson, Financial Times
  • Highly original. . . The heart and humanity of the book, its poetry and its gentle tone raise it to the level and style of such great scientist-writers as Lewis Thomas and Rachel Carson

    Alan Lightman, New York Times Book Review
  • Rovelli is one of our great scientific explicators. . . Not since Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time has there been so genial an integration of physics and philosophy

    Ian Thomson, Observer

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