• Liz Nugent is a force to be reckoned with

    Lisa Jewell
  • Liz Nugent has a gift for filling us with a terrible fascination for truly horrible people

    Val McDermid
  • MAGNIFICENT. Her best yet, and that's really saying something

    Marian Keyes
  • A dark jewel of a novel - finely observed, swift and exciting

    AJ Finn
  • Dark, beautiful, devastating - pure genius

    Lucy Foley
  • The finest psychological thriller writer currently at work

    Tammy Cohen
  • The brilliant Liz Nugent has done it again ... Creepy, compelling and totally addictive

    Erin Kelly
  • Deliciously dark and engaging writing ... Her fans are in for a real treat

    Jo Spain
  • A proper rollicking family saga EPIC of a story shot through with black humour, toxic truths and pathos. Brava

    Sarah Hilary
  • Evocative, vivid, brilliant storytelling from a novelist of powerful gifts

    Joseph O'Connor