• Steven Levy is the founding guru of technology journalism. Few other writers can harness both access to top figures and critical insight informed by decades of reporting on Silicon Valley. His Facebook book will be a blockbuster, a penetrating account of the momentous consequences of a reckless young company with the power to change the world.

    Brad Stone, author of The Everything Store and The Upstarts
  • Levy is America's premier technology journalist

    Siva Vaidhyanathan, The Washington Post
  • Almost nothing can stop a remarkable idea executed well at the right time, as Steven Levy's brisk-but-detailed history of Google, In the Plex, convincingly proves. . . . Makes obsolete previous books on the company'

    Jack Shafer, San Francisco Chronicle on In The Plex
  • Steven Levy's new account [of Google], In the Plex, is the most authoritative to date and, in many ways, the most entertaining James Gleick'

    The New York Review of Books, on In the Plex
  • Gripping and illuminating

    The Wall Street Journal on Crypto
  • A remarkable collection of characters . . . courageously exploring an inner world where nobody had ever been before

    The New York Times on Hackers
  • This absorbing book will inspire important conversations about big tech and privacy in the twenty-first century