• An amazing and wonderful piece of writing. I could not put it down

    Claire Tomalin
  • A wonderful, moving, powerful and immersive book which will help anyone who has or knows someone with MS. Christian Donlan's takes us inside his mind and his beautiful relationship with his daughter, helping us to look at our own relationships from a fresh perspective.

    Julia Samuel
  • An unprecedented first-hand account of the effects of brain disease, and what it is like to have your thoughts shift from under you. Donlan brings us a poetic, compelling and wonderful book. Simply enchanting.

    Daniel Levitin
  • Christian Donlan tells a riveting adventure story as he explores the mysterious paths that connect the body and the brain-and the scary and joyous land of fatherhood. He writes with vivid candour and startling humour about topics that range from the history of neurology to the maddening grey zone between illness and diagnosis. At its heart, this is a book of awe - at how the body works and doesn't, how it grows and fails, and how even the most unwelcome events can sometimes help us break free from old ways of thinking to powerful new ones.

    Will Schwalbe, New York Times bestselling author of The End of Your Life Book Club and Books for Living.
  • Thoughtful and quietly moving

    Daily Telegraph
  • This is not a tale of tragedy but one of re-engaging with the world - or realising what's truly important

  • Beautiful and delicately written with the power to shift your world view

    Emerald Street
  • Remarkable and revelatory, this is a dazzling achievement

    The Sunday Times
  • This is an inspiring tale of a man trying to wrestle an incurable disease into a kind of submission, using intellect and love and logic... [A] marvellous book

    Daily Mail
  • A poignant account of living with MS... with a total lack of self pity and much gentle humour, Donlan explores the nooks and crannies of his behaviour.

    The Times