• I was hooked from a start threaded with mystery and menace. And the story kept me gripped as the past tragedy unfolded. I could see the coast of southern France, feel the cooling breeze, and smell the salty ocean

    Dinah Jefferies, bestselling author of The Missing Sister
  • Carol Drinkwater's writing is like taking an amazing holiday in book form

    Jenny Colgan
  • Carol Drinkwater's writing is always guaranteed to sweep me off my feet and The House on the Edge of the Cliff is a beautifully woven and compelling tale of passion, love and intrigue

    Rowan Coleman
  • The story of a love that, despite wrong turnings, grows and develops over time, it is given extra resonance by the beautifully drawn French landscape. Emotional and tenderly written

    Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton
  • A page-turning thriller

    Yorkshire Post
  • A love story with bite, with France itself one of the stars

    France Magazine
  • A striking and compelling family drama where the past takes a ferocious bite into the present . . . Within the first few pages I became as hooked as a hooked thing can be . . . Carol Drinkwater writes with captivating eloquence . . . Full of secrets, tense moments, gorgeous descriptions and emotional interplay, The House on the Edge of the Cliff is truly a beautiful read

  • Praise for Carol Drinkwater

  • Secrets, tragedy, hidden pasts and family secrets all set in glorious Provence - I loved this

    Santa Montefiore
  • Ranging across time periods this is a story to savour, complete with wonderful settings stretching from Paris to the glorious countryside of southern France

    Dinah Jefferies