• A wonderful book. Salley Vickers spins a spellbinding account of a family in distress

    Elizabeth Strout on 'Cousins'
  • Utterly compelling... Cousins is a remarkable book about the strange tact and terrors of family life and the histories that haunt it

    Adam Phillips on 'Cousins'
  • Each distinct voice in this complex pattern of relationships is presented with deep empathy and clarity, so that you feel a real three-dimensional quality in the characters. The most painful ethical dilemmas are laid out with compassion and without manipulation. A serious, mature book that is also compellingly enjoyable

    Rowan Williams on 'Cousins'
  • No one can dig down into the shrouded recesses of the human heart quite as forensically as Vickers

    Sunday Times
  • Salley Vickers sees with a clear eye and writes with a light hand. She's a presence worth cherishing

    Philip Pullman on 'The Cleaner of Chartres'