• Summons up the sheer wonder of science [on Physics of the Future]

    Daily Telegraph
  • Mind-bending ... fascinating ... engrossing [on Physics of the Future]

    San Francisco Chronicle
  • After reading Kaku's boundless enthusiasm for the future, what you wouldn't give for a real-life time machine to travel forwards and see just how accurate his predictions are [on Physics of the Impossible]

    Sunday Telegraph
  • brilliant, provocative, freewheeling [on Physics of the Impossible]

  • Space travel has again become mass entertainment as well as, perhaps, mass aspiration. It is good timing, then, for a book by the theoretical physicist Michio Kaku on the possible paths to our future as a galaxy-trotting species. . . . With admirable clarity and ease, Mr. Kaku rehearses the history of rocketry and the formation of the planets, and explains how we might colonize not only Mars but some of the rocky moons of the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. . . . The book has an infectious, can-do enthusiasm.

    Steven Poole, The Wall Street Journal
  • Kaku is a practiced and very effective popularizer of science for a general audience; he's unfailingly interesting, with an unerring instinct for the most thought-provoking aspects of his various subjects. The sheer amount of technical scientific speculation in The Future of Humanity is amazing, and yet Kaku is in smooth, perfect control of it the entire time.

    Steve Donoghue, Christian Science Monitor
  • Kaku argues passionately that our future lies not on Earth, but in the stars

    National Geographic
  • Compelling ... When you're looking through Michio Kaku's eyes, the future looks bright indeed

    The Maine Edge
  • Kaku is an international treasure and a man of infectious enthusiasm

    The Times