• A masterclass in thriller writing, it bears comparison with the most gripping spy sagas of Ben Macintyre

    Graham Farmelo, Guardian
  • A brilliant new biography ... The book introduces crucial changes to ... the official version of events.

    Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times
  • Engrossing, brilliantly researched ... The scale of Fuchs's spying was astounding, as were its consequences

    Jay Elwes, Spectator
  • He has delved into the archives to produce a remarkable story ... meticulous but highly readable

    Manjit Kumar, The Times
  • Professor Close's thorough and sometimes exciting book is a great window into how the first nuclear weapons were developed, how the Soviets were able to recruit so many agents at the heart of the British state, and how Britain worked in the late 1940s.

    Clovis Meath Baker, Standpoint
  • meticulously researched...thought-provoking

    Martin Uli Mauthner, AJR Journal