• <b>I was hooked from a start threaded with mystery and menace. And the story kept me gripped as the past tragedy unfolded. I could see the coast of southern France, feel the cooling breeze, and smell the salty ocean</b>

    bestselling author of The Missing Sister
  • <b>The story of a love that, despite wrong turnings, grows and develops over time, it is given extra resonance by the beautifully drawn French landscape. Emotional and tenderly written</b>

    bestselling author of The New Mrs Clifton
  • <b>A striking and compelling family drama where the past takes a ferocious bite into the present . . . Within the first few pages I became as hooked as a hooked thing can be . . . Carol Drinkwater writes with captivating eloquence . . . Full of secrets, tense moments, gorgeous descriptions and emotional interplay, <i>The House on the Edge of the Cliff </i>is truly a beautiful read</b>

  • <b><u>Praise for Carol Drinkwater</u></b>

  • A great and compassionate writer

  • Mesmerising, haunting and extraordinarily relevant

  • A lovely book packed with the sunshine, scents and savours of the South of France. Plenty of page-turning drama but also mouthwatering descriptions of Paris and Provence. Enough to make you rush straight to the Eurostar

    Daily Mail
  • A gripping tale

    Sunday Post
  • This atmospheric read will whisk you straight to the South of France as you become immersed in the tale of secrets and heartbreak

    Marie Claire
  • Gripping

  • An emotional tale of loss and kindness

    French Property News
  • A story of love and loss, sadness and great joy

    The Middle East
  • I loved this book. I kept snatching a few more pages whenever I could. It has left me wanting to head to warmer climes and take part in the grape and olive harvests. Well I can dream can't I?