• Eat your way to a healthy heart . . . I recommend Dr Malhotra's The Pioppi Diet, which examines the lifestyle of the Pioppi people in Italy who live long and healthy lives

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  • The real secret of the Med . . . Be prepared for everything you believe to be true about nutrition to be turned on its head.

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  • This is not just a diet book; it's a healthcare manifesto

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  • The secrets behind 'the world's healthiest village'

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  • A simple way to make your life healthier in 21 days

    Leading Britain's Conversation
  • The Pioppi Diet caused a storm in the health world . . . we even dubbed it the only diet book you'll ever need, thanks to its common-sense advice and myth busting approach

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  • A must-read for everyone, but especially for GPs who can make the most impact as they provide diet and lifestyle advice daily

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  • A myth-free guide to a healthier lifestyle

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  • Finally - a simple, science-backed guide to exactly what we should be putting on our plates for a long and healthy life

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