• An indispensable guide for anyone who wants to understand not just where Michael O'Leary and Ryanair are coming from, but where they are going

    Sunday Business Post
  • A frequently enlightening unauthorised biography ... entertaining

    Irish Independent
  • Cooper's book tracks O'Leary's change of attitude towards passengers since 2014. He built his career amid alehouse expletives and wisecracks that should have been enough to make most customers steer clear - were it not for the promise of ever lower prices.

    Neil Craven, The Mail on Sunday
  • Fascinating book ... very comprehensive

    Eamon Dunphy, The Stand
  • In a world of colourless corporate leaders, Ryanair's aggressive, mouthy chief executive provides catnip for journalists. Cooper, an award-winning Irish writer and reporter, makes the most of the opportunity to dissect his colourful subject.

    Book of the Month, The Financial Times
  • Matt Cooper explores the recent tough times for the high-profile businessman.

    The Journal, Ireland
  • This is an engaging read full of anecdotes, some of which shocked me and made me laugh out loud

    Emma Newlands, The Scotsman