• A compelling warning ... It is hard to disagree with this advice from such a well-informed friend of the west

    Martin Wolf, Financial Times
  • Sometimes you need a shock to wake you up. Has the West Lost it? (2018) is such a shock. The sheer concentrated force of this 91-page essay [...] is as unrelenting as it is astonishing . . . It's time we listened to Mahbubani.

    Richard Horton, The Lancet
  • We should all think of it as the cold shower that is urgently needed to revive the West

    Fareed Zakaria, author of 'The Post-American World'
  • It's a powerful, disputatious book . . . It's not comfortable reading, and it wasn't meant to be

    Paul Kennedy, Director of International Security Studies and Professor of History at Yale University
  • Kishore Mahbubani brings unrivaled experience and insight into strategizing where the West goes from here. A book that truly speaks to our tumultuous times

    Ian Bremmer, President of Eurasia Group
  • In the longer view, America's - and before that Europe's - dominance may come to be seen as a short aberration and the rise of China and other Asian nations as simply a reversion to the natural order of things. That at least is the key point of a provocatively titled book, Has the West Lost It?, by Kishore Mahbubani, a Singaporean academic and former diplomat. As many in America and Europe contemplate the dramatic changes to their world in the past few years, it's been getting a lot of attention.

    Gerard Baker, The Times

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