• Leaders rexamines old notions of leadership - especially the outdated view that history is shaped by great men going it alone. General McChrystal shows us that leadership can take many forms, leaders often have different strengths, and great leaders can come from anywhere

    SHERYL SANDBERG, COO of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org
  • Leaders is a superb, thought-provoking challenge to conventional understanding of the nature of leadership. An enlightening, entertaining must-read about why we revere so many leaders who are often deeply flawed and even unsuccessful, and the lessons for thinking about and teaching leadership in the future

    ROBERT M. GATES, former US Secretary of Defense
  • Leadership, we learn, is complex. At a time when Americans yearn for leaders we can admire and respect, this book... will help you think differently about both leadership and our history

    WALTER ISAACSON, author of Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci
  • No living American has more convincingly combined the practice and teaching of leadership than General Stanley McChrystal: that's why Yale students flock to his classes. Now, in Leaders, he invites us to join them, with Plutarch as his teaching assistant. No current or aspiring leader can afford to miss this shrewd and surprising book

    JOHN LEWIS GADDIS, Yale University
  • Leaders is a must-read for all leaders - whether they're just beginning their careers or whether they're already leading an entire organization

    KEN LANGONE, author of I Love Capitalism!
  • Whenever Stanley McChrystal talks, I take notes. I am so drawn to his ability to cut through pop-culture theories about leadership to get to the core of what actually makes a leader. Leaders takes us deeper than most other leadership books into the true and often messy mechanics of leadership. Anyone who considers themselves a student of leadership must read this book

    SIMON SINEK, optimist and author of Start With Why and Leader Eat Last

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