• None but those with a complete mastery of fiction can walk this line. William Trevor was not "an Irish Chekhov" or even "the Irish Chekhov". He was and will remain the Irish William Trevor

    Julian Barnes, Guardian
  • 10 stories bring a literary career that lasted more than half a century to a consummate conclusion

    Peter Kemp, Sunday Times
  • William Trevor's prose runs as clear as water yet tastes like gin

  • Extraordinary stories from ordinary lives

    The Times
  • One of the great contemporary chroniclers of the human condition, in all its pathos, comedy and strangeness. As a writer he looked at the world with an always surprised but never scandalised eye, and his writer's heart was with those awkward and obscurely damaged souls who cannot quite manage the business of everyday life - all of us, that is

    New Statesman
  • There are those rare, exceptional writers who are fortunate enough (like their readers) to burn bright and steady over many decades, expressing the same creative clarity at the end of their careers as they did at the beginning. William Trevor was one of those writers

    LA Times
  • We honor him as the supreme master of his honest art

    Cynthia Ozick