• An extraordinary treatise on the need to teach the principles of sound strategy to today's leaders... It makes sense of our world, but is also capable of beautifully crafted pithy historical judgements. ... It is a book that cares about liberty, choice and a moral compass, that warns against the hubris of an angry Bonaparte on the turn in a Russian winter, against leaders who do not listen or learn. A training manual for our troubled times

    Roger Boyes, The Times
  • On Grand Strategy is many things - a thoughtful validation of the liberal arts, an argument for literature over social science, an engaging reflection on university education and some timely advice that lasting victory comes from winning what you can rather than all that you want.

    Victor Davis Hanson, The New York Times
  • A brilliant book - learned, seductively written, deep

    Roger Kimball, New Criterion
  • Gaddis has indisputably earned the right to plow different fields of historical inquiry, which he does in On Grand Strategy with self-evident glee and peripatetic curiosity

    Gordon M. Goldstein, Washington Post
  • A long walk with a single, delightful mind, which makes it much easier for the reader to comprehend the lessons that cohere across continents and millennia

    John Nagl, Wall Street Journal

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