• Her <b>first book of poetry</b> is an <b>elegant collaged scrapbook</b>

  • A <b>treasure</b> . . . <b>beautiful</b>. <b>Generous in its honesty</b>, by the end you feel as though you have <b>climbed</b> <b>into the colourful, and sometimes tortured, world of a passionate artist</b>

  • <b>Pop's high priestess</b> <b>bares her soul</b> in this <b>candid collection</b> of poems and lyrics . . . offering a chance to appreciate on the bare stage of the blank page <b>the fineness of her words</b>. And <b>like fellow poet-musician Nick Cave, Welch has found a way for the song and the voice of the rabbit-hearted girl to coexist</b>

  • A <b>varied, visually arresting</b> tome, it brings together poems, lyrics, sketches and notes from Welch's personal and professional life, making the reader feel as though they're <b>peeking into a private</b> <b>journal</b>

    Refinery 29
  • <b>An alchemy of memoir and imagination</b>

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