• A remarkable portrayal of how we need to understand ourselves to truly heal

    Esther Perel, author of 'Mating in Captivity' and 'The State of Affairs'
  • The psychotherapist author of the acclaimed Grief Works returns with a bracing, brilliant exploration of how we can adapt and thrive during our most difficult times (...) Samuel dispenses much wisdom and empathy about the hard times we experience (...) to help us better navigate the changes we will all face sooner or later

    The Bookseller
  • A profound exploration of resilience in modern life - a much-needed reminder that we yield power over our lives, even when it feels like we don't. It's one of the most valuable books I've ever read and my respect for Julia Samuel and her work is immeasurable

    Adwoa Aboah, 'Gurls Talk' podcast host
  • As you read this book, you absorb new and radical ways of thinking about yourself, family, and friends. It's compassionate and gentle yet is fiercely on the side of building sustainable and satisfying relations even when they have gone wrong. Read it.

    Susie Orbach, author of 'In Therapy'
  • I absolutely loved it. Clear, compassionate, occasionally very very funny but mostly heart wrenching

    Rabbi Julia Neuberger
  • I loved This Too Shall Pass. So full of wisdom and light. I learnt a lot and also felt comforted and soothed. Julia really is a force for good in the world. I wish more people could experience the joy of being with her, and this book is a way that they can

    Cathy Rentzenbrink, author of 'The Last Act of Love'
  • Julia Samuel is the psychotherapist you wish you had on call and her books are the next best thing. The challenges we all face in life are unpicked, explained and made bearable in this thoughtful, illuminating book. A book for anyone experiencing the pain of change from divorce to debilitating illness. Julia Samuel's stories from the therapy room light the way for the rest of us'

    Shane Watson
  • Little bells of clarity and understanding chime throughout this book. At once intimate and universal, this is a lifesaver. Fascinating, rigorous and beautifully written, you can hear Julia's voice on every page

    Kate Riordan, author of 'The Girl in the Photograph'
  • This brilliant book does what no others do - it talks about the problems of everyday life, with grown-up children, complex families, the stresses of work, in a compassionate and truly insightful way. I would challenge anyone not to recognise themselves in at least one of the beautifully detailed case studies. It is a privilege to be able to listen in to a masterful therapist at work

    Rosie Boycott
  • The considerable force of this book lies in Julia's ability to listen completely. Being such an extraordinary listener she becomes an extraordinary storyteller

    Christa D’Souza

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