• <b>Genuinely extraordinary</b>... <b>Unmatched by any other modern thinker</b> ... <b>A prophet for our times</b>

    Daily Mail
  • <b>The most influential public intellectual in the Western world</b> right now

    New York Times
  • <b>In a different intellectual league</b>... Peterson can take the most difficult ideas and make them entertaining. This may be why his YouTube videos have had 35m views. He is fast becoming the closest that academia has to a rock star

  • <b>Charismatic and exceptionally articulate</b>.... Peterson is a new kind of public intellectual, using YouTube to spread ideas infinitely wider than predecessors such as Bertrand Russell or Isaiah Berlin

    New Statesman
  • It is that rare thing: <b>self-help that might actually be helpful</b>

    New Statesman
  • <b>Fascinating</b> ... <b>Peterson is brilliant on many subjects</b>

    Sunday Times
  • One of the most <b>eclectic and stimulating</b> public intellectuals at large today, <b>fearless and impassioned</b>

  • Profound, charismatic and serious... <b>One of the most important thinkers to emerge on the world stage for many years</b>

  • The most sought-after psychologist in the world

    Psychology Today
  • Like the best intellectual polymaths, Peterson invites his readers to embark on their own intellectual, spiritual and ideological journeys... You have nothing to lose but your own misery

    Toronto Star
  • Someone with not only humanity and humour, but serious depth and substance ... Peterson has a truly cosmopolitan and omnivorous intellect... There is a burning sincerity to the man

  • <b>A rock-star academic</b>, a cool, cowboy-boot-wearing public thinker who directs tough love at overprotected youth ... Peterson twirls ideas around like a magician

    The Times
  • Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist whose seemingly overnight ascent to cultural rockstar comes after years of deep scholarship in many disciplines

    Psychology Today
  • Peterson has become a kind of secular prophet who, in an era of lobotomised conformism, thinks out of the box ... <b>His message is overwhelmingly vital</b>

    The Times