• Joyous, beautiful and strange. . . filled with brilliant moments where you just have to stop and stare out of the window for a while

    Robin Ince
  • The End of Everything combines deep thinking about physics and big-picture awe in the style of Carl Sagan

    Randall Munroe, author of What If?
  • Everything dies, even the universe. But will it be a peaceful fading-away, or a dramatic cataclysm? Scientists don't know for sure, but Katie Mack provides an expert and entertaining guide to the possibilities. Who knew a book about the end of the universe could communicate so much passion for science?

    Sean Carroll, author of Something Deeply Hidden
  • This book teaches you that the universe could end at any moment, but is so good that you will be rooting for it not to-at least, not until you finish the book. Katie Mack's witty, lucid prose is endlessly delightful

    Alexandra Petri, author of Nothing Is Wrong and Here Is Why