• ASTONISHING. Powerful, terrifying, heartbreaking

    Emma Flint
  • Wow! This is a stunner of a book. Staggeringly good

    Jane Fallon
  • It's beautifully, elegantly written, SO gripping, intelligent, timely, affecting and moving

    Marian Keyes
  • Three Hours is one of the most exhilarating reading experiences I've ever had. Rosamund Lupton takes a dark, painful subject and turns it into a novel full of hope and compassion. An amazing achievement.

    Emma Healey
  • Will chill your blood and break your heart by turns - a masterclass in suspense

    Cara Hunter
  • There's no one else writing quite like Rosamund Lupton in fiction today - the way she combines high tension with a compassionate and humane take on the world is unique. Three Hours is exceptional - at turns heart-breaking, warm, terrifying, perceptive and grippingly page turning

    Kate Hamer
  • Three Hours is Rosamund Lupton's best book yet, and that is high praise. A monster story for our fractious historical moment -- the age of the internet and of Columbine, of terror and mass migration -- when the monsters often look an awful lot like our own children. Chilling, suspenseful, humane, and brave

    William Landay
  • An incredible, unbelievably powerful book... I forgot how to breathe as it explored what it means to be human - for better or for worse. It's taut, it's tight, it's appalling, it's uplifting, it's extraordinary. Simply stunning

    Dinah Jefferies
  • This is an incredible novel: a heady combination of elegant writing, nuanced characterisation, deep emotion and heart-stopping tension. I was torn, all the way through, between wanting to slow down in order to relish the detail, and wanting to speed up in order to find out what was going to happen'

    Elizabeth Brooks
  • I read Three Hours in two days, in awe. It's breathtaking. A modern rumination on the issues that divide 21st century life, a celebration of refugees, of mental health, of love and hope and bravery. I loved it more than I can say'

    Gillian McAllister