• Detailed and readable . . . It is especially revealing about Einstein's scientific work and private life leading up to the momentous events of 1919

  • A thrilling history of the development of the theory of relativity . . . a superb account of Einstein's and Eddington's spectacularly successful struggles to work and survive under miserable wartime conditions

    Kirkus Reviews, starred review
  • Impressive . . . Stanley's well-told and impressively readable chronicle delivers a wider, and still relevant, message that how science is performed is inextricable from other aspects of people's lives

    Publishers Weekly
  • He succeeds in wrapping up the global, national and scientific politics of an era in a compelling story of one man's wild theory, lucidly sketched, and its experimental confirmation in the unlikeliest and most exotic circumstances

  • Few books about events a century ago carry as relevant a message for today's world of resurgent nationalism as does Matthew Stanley's Einstein's War . . . Stanley is a storyteller par excellence...[his] riveting, blow-by-blow account of Einstein's an unusually reader-friendly journey into relativity theory . . . Einstein and Eddington would have liked it

    Washington Post
  • An insightful and elegantly written exploration of the impact of war on science in both Britain and Germany


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