• Many of us never take a moment to think about how we can sculpt our careers to match our interests. I was swept away with how effortlessly The Squiggly Career turns some of the most daunting conundrums into simple and rewarding reflections. Like going one-to-one with a personal career coach, it's impossible to leave this book without having a massive personal breakthrough

    Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work
  • The greatest goal for any 21st century professional is to have a squiggly career. The days of linear progression belong to history. The joys of trying new things, working it out and making it up are all of our working futures. Work is dead, long live the squiggly career!

    Sam Conniff Allende, author of Be More Pirate
  • An indispensable guide to creating your own working life

    Viv Groskop, author of How to Own the Room