• Utterly compelling ... Goodhart is one of the most important intellectuals in the country, if not Europe. He has consistently been ahead of the curve, no doubt because of his willingness to point out flaws in our liberal consensus before it was fashionable to do so

    Sunday Times
  • Brilliant ... a book every MP should read ... The Road to Somewhere has become a classic and I think Head Hand Heart will become a classic too.

    The Telegraph
  • Voices the predicament of those whose dream - to live an ordinary, decent life - is often thwarted by a cognitive-obsessed society that disdains those who are not natural exam-passers

  • Goodhart makes a strong case for reviving the status of work outside the 'knowledge economy', as the age of automation approaches ... by highlighting dimensions of life and work that have been stripped of prestige in an age of individualism, he performs a valuable service.

  • Goodhart and his publishers may reflect on the freakishly good fortune of the book's timing ... joins the dots of Britain's current cultural and economic malaises. Goodhart is impassioned and hopeful, but the underlying ideological message is stark

  • David Goodhart means to start a reformation. With great clarity and unfailing sympathy for the human condition, he charts a path toward a society in which a fuller range of aptitudes will receive the recognition they are due.

    Matthew Crawford
  • An uplifting book, celebrating wisdom and virtue. And a hopeful book at just the time when we need it

    Paul Collier
  • David Goodhart is one of Britain's most influential thinkers...Head, Hand, Heart is classic Goodhart - compelling, challenging, evidence-led. It throws light on how our social fabric is coming apart and why some groups have good reason to feel left behind and left out. When people ask me how we can fix our divided societies I give them two words: read Goodhart

    Matthew Goodwin, Sunday Times bestselling author of National Populism
  • In a book that offers an entertaining and educative amalgam of political and sociocultural insight, statistical data, and crisp opinion, the author digs deeply into the different capacities of human intelligence and how, in global societies, the perception of intellect has mutated into a hierarchical plateau with differing levels of status and influence... A thoughtful, commanding analysis that applauds essential workers and cognitive diversity

    Kirkus Reviews
  • A provocative and probing account... a deeply felt and persuasive call for rethinking the social order

    Publishers Weekly

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