• What a beautiful novel ... elegant, understated, subtly powerful, and rings so perfectly true ... Beautiful, poignant moments, drawn with such quiet power. And that quiet power is alive and at work on every page

    Donal Ryan
  • Insightful and deeply moving, this is a story of one man's grief that somehow manages to hold onto its sense of humour. I loved this book

    Christine Dwyer Hickey
  • Kathleen MacMahon's prose could not appear more effortless or beautiful

    Sunday Independent
  • Gentle and triumphant, MacMahon offers us a novel steeped in beautiful prose and poignant tenderness

    Anne Griffin
  • Sure and subtle, MacMahon holds the reader in her spell. She is a born storyteller

    Mike McCormack
  • Kathleen MacMahon has written an absorbing, grave, and emotionally resonant study of a marriage, of a life, of masculinity and of grief. A marvellous achievement

    Neil Hegarty
  • Kathleen MacMahon sensitively explores the complexities of the human heart and reveals how even in the depths of grief, unexpected light can emerge from the darkness

    David Park
  • Stunning

    Henrietta McKervey, via Twitter
  • Just finished Nothing But Blue Sky. I feel as if I've been gutted, replenished with added pieces of tiny crystals and neatly put back together. A truly astonishing novel

    Margaret Madden, Bleach House Library
  • It's rare to read an account of a happy normal marriage and she does it brilliantly

    Sue Leonard