• Beautifully written and brilliantly argued, Possessed is one of the few things you really need to own.

    Dan Gilbert
  • Bruce Hood convincingly shows that we are possessed with possessions, but his book is one possession you have to have, especially now. Engagingly written, Possessed brings psychological science to bear on understanding how to exorcise this demon.

    Robert Plomin, author of 'Blueprint: How DNA makes us who we are'
  • Science writing at its best: it's funny, smart, and on an fascinating topic.

    Paul Bloom, Twitter
  • Ownership is a surprisingly nuanced and wonderfully colorful topic, and no one is better poised to tell its story than psychologist and author Bruce Hood. The book he's written is a page-turner that puts our intuitions under the spotlight at every turn.

    David Eagleman, bestselling author of 'The Brain' and 'Incognito'