• Reviews for international editions

  • In Scenes from the Heart the Thunberg / Ernman family process their shattering walk through hell in a readable way and with impressive openness

    Eva Stegen, The Friday
  • A touching, extraordinary story

    Alexandra von Poschinger, Passauer Neue Presse
  • By turns a moving and challenging book

    Arno Widmann, Berliner Zeitung
  • Startlingly profound insights into the life of a family

    Steffen Trumpf, DPA
  • A cry ... a written testimony of the harbinger of disaster that is advancing towards us. The family's cry, the anxiety of each child, each adult, has a deeper meaning ... The very crisis of this family is, in reality, proof of their foresight and intelligence

    Sverker Sorlin, Dagens Nyheter