• Deeply funny, sometimes shocking, and admirably open-hearted and optimistic

    Daily Telegraph
  • Alderton's wise words can resonate with women of all ages. She feels like a best friend and your older sister all rolled into one and her pages wrap around you like a warm hug

    Evening Standard
  • A wonderful writer, who will surely inspire a generation the way that Caitlin Moran did before her

    Julie Burchill
  • Very, very, very funny. Don't hate me when I tell you that Everything I Know About Love is Sex And The City for Millennials, because I mean it as high praise

    Red, on Everything I Know About Love
  • Alderton proves a razor-sharp observer of the shifting dynamics of long term female friendship

    Mail on Sunday, on Everything I Know About Love
  • I loved its truth, its self awareness, humour and most of all, its heart spilling generosity. A joy. In short, it's a stone cold classic

    Sophie Dahl, on Everything I Know About Love
  • It's so full of life and laughs - I gobbled up this book. Alderton has built something beautiful and true out of many fragments of daftness

    Amy Liptrot, on Everything I Know About Love
  • Steeped in furiously funny accounts of one-night stands, ill-advised late-night taxi journeys up the M1, grubby flat-shares and the beauty of female friendships, as Alderton joyfully booze-cruises her way through her twenties

    Metro, on Everything I Know About Love
  • Reading this book is like coming home after a bad date, or a terrible day at work, and finding the person who knows you best in the world sitting on your couch, ready to pour you a glass of wine and give you a hug. I loved it and I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't; it's a genuine delight

    Kristen Roupenian, author of Cat Person, on Everything I Know About Love
  • Will have you hooked and nodding from the first page. Hilarious and moving

    Grazia, on Everything I Know About Love