• Crime in Progress is the best procedural yet written about the discovery of Trump's Russia ties.

    The New York Times
  • Crime in Progress is a masterclass in how Washington works.

    Peter Nicholas, The Atlantic
  • I've read all the books on this subject - this is the one you want to read ... I feel fairly steeped in this matter and I learned something on every page.

    Rachel Maddow, Host of the Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC
  • Crimes In Progress is the most convincing case you are likely to read that the US president is an asset of the Russian government [and] sheds important light on the least likely president in American history.

    Edward Luce, The Financial Times
  • You don't need to read John le Carré or Tom Clancy to find espionage thrills in Washington these days, turn over any stone in the Beltway's secret world and you'll observe the seething mass of conspiracy and subterfuge beneath ... Take Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, hard-bitten old newspaper hacks, muck-raking types, who have become central characters in a quite terrifying international spy thriller.

    Josh Glancy, The Sunday Times
  • An entertaining and readable account, with eye-popping anecdotes, of alleged collusion and the failure of the US media to expose it.

    The Guardian
  • Crime in Progress untangles one of the great mysteries of the Trump era - the full story of the Steele dossier - and provides a fascinating insight into the investigatory mind at work. It's an indispensable guide to the Russia scandals - and a reminder of the redemptive power of facts over lies.

    Jeffrey Toobin

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