• I love Sebastian's courage, his lightness, and his wit

    John Banville
  • Nothing I have read is more affecting than Mihail Sebastian's magnificent, haunting 1934 novel, For Two Thousand Years.

    Philippe Sands, Guardian Books of the Year 2016
  • His prose is like something Chekhov might have written - the same modesty, candour, and subtleness of observation

    Arthur Miller
  • A compelling portrait of desire

  • Sebastian's observations of the complex physical and emotional details of romantic intrigue are perceptive and affectionate....these concise stories...showcase Sebastian's brilliant eye for emotional detail

    Publishers Weekly
  • If there is any justice [Sebastian's] posthumous profile will increase

    Herald Scotland
  • Sebastian belongs in the pantheon of classic authors

    New Statesman
  • Sebastian died a victim of an automobile accident in 1946, having survived the Second World War and the Holocaust. That fatal moment robbed the literary world of a unique voice

    New York Journal of Books