• 'Great puzzle book! It was really fun and made me forget about the world!'

    Megan Amram, writer, The Good Place and Parks & Recreation on Journal 29
  • 'I can guarantee no one - and I do mean no one - has ever seen or completed a puzzle book quite like this. To give you an idea of how challenging The Cypher Files is, it took me a couple of weeks to work through, and some of the puzzles had me so baffled and curious that I literally took the problem I was trying to solve to work with me as I couldn't get it, or the desire to figure it out, out of my head.

    It will delight - and possibly stress out - even the most competent of puzzle fans, offering something genuinely different for people to find on bookshelves everywhere; and for that alone, at a time when truly 'one of a kind' items of any description are practically unheard of in today's mass market, Chassapakis should be highly commended'

  • 'Completely unique... a really fun interactive puzzle book you just won't want to put down!'

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