The Last Battle

The Last Battle


A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of the seventh and final adventure in C.S. Lewis' magical 'Narnia' series.

Many Narnian years have passed since Eustace and Jill helped ensure the Royal line. But when they are jerked back violently into this strangest of lands they find the present King in danger and Narnia facing its darkest hour. With a stupid and gullible donkey posing as Aslan and the devious ape, Shift, in charge, confused talking beasts and dwarves are allowing themselves to be sold into slavery in neighbouring Calormen. The once peaceful world of Narnia is moving towards destruction, until Eustace and Jill join forces with King Tirian and the noble unicorn Jewel to help the remaining loyal subjects stand fast against the powers of evil and darkness.

Together they must fight The Last Battle and decide the future of this once glorious kingdom. The concluding adventure in this amazing series moves heart-stoppingly from disaster to triumph as the forces for good make their final stand against evil.

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C.S. Lewis

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