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From John Wyndham, author of The Day of the Triffids, comes this chilling tale of a normal boy confronted with abnormal circumstances. Matthew had always been an ordinary boy. Even when he started talking to himself and introduced his invisible friend, Chocky, to the family, it was obviously just a phase he was going through. And all children have imaginary friends, even if Matthew’s a bit old to have one. As he becomes increasingly distressed and blames it on arguments with this unseen companion, his parents become concerned. But when Matthew starts explaining binary maths and anti-gravity propulsion, concerns turn to worry. After all, Chocky is only the product of an overactive imagination. Isn’t he? Chocky stars Sacha Dhawan as Matthew, Owen Teale as David Gore and Cathy Tyson as Mary Gore.


  • gripping drama
    Celine Bijleveld, The Guardian

About the author

John Wyndham

John Wyndham was born in 1903 in the Midlands. After leaving school, he tried his hand at several careers, including farming, law and advertising, before starting to write stories in 1925. During the war he worked as a censor in the Ministry of Information and afterwards served in the Army. The Day of The Triffids was published in 1951, and was followed by many other famous works of science fiction, including The Kraken Wakes, The Chrysalids and The Midwich Cuckoos. Wyndham died in 1969.
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