Gloomsbury: Series 1-3

Gloomsbury: Series 1-3

18 episodes of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom


Miriam Margolyes, Alison Steadman and Nigel Planer star in Sue Limb's comedy parodying the arty and adulterous adventures of the Bloomsbury Group.

A stellar cast, including Roger Lloyd-Pack, Morwenna Banks, Jonathan Coy and John Sessions, join in this affectionate send-up of the infamous Bloomsbury literary group, who dominated the English cultural scene in the early 20th Century.

The series follows the fortunes of Vera Sackcloth-Vest - writer, gardener and transvestite - and her urge to escape from the tranquillity of the rather cramped little castle in Kent which she shares with her doting but ambiguous husband, who is 'something in the Foreign Office'. Vera's heart is forever surging with exotic passion, either for Ginny Fox, a highly-strung novelist who adores her, or the beautiful but shallow Venus Traduces.

As the scene shifts from Kent to London, and Cornwall to Monaco, this close-knit coterie is divided by misunderstandings, jealousies and rows, whilst the colourfully chaotic characters are joined by such sort-of familiar figures as DH Lollipop, TS Jellitot and Sigmund Void.


  • “This has turned into one of the funniest, slyest, most naughtily inventive and brilliantly performed shows on the air. Sue Limb has come up with a parodic reflection of Bloomsbury which bursts out of its frame to become an entire parallel comic world. Miriam Margolyes is magnificent as Vera, writer, chatelaine of Sizzlinghurst, married to Henry (Jonathan Coy) to whom she is devoted while being in love with Ginny (Alison Steadman) who’s in love with anyone else. Alas, this is the final episode.”

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