The Frustrated Commuter’s Companion

The Frustrated Commuter’s Companion

A survival guide for the bored and desperate


The perfect stocking filler for frustrated commuters everywhere!

Commuting is hell -- this is your survival guide

Delays, price rises, leaves on the line, rail replacement bus services, snowflakes, sunshine, rain, the list of excuses is endless. Forget enjoyment, commuting is about survival. This is your guide to getting to work and back again with your sanity intact.

Packed with quizzes (what kind of commuter are you?), trivia (the dirtiest seats on the Underground), tips and techniques (seat etiquette, armpit dodging), a commuter's lexicon (Comfort paradox, Seat remorse), complaint letter templates and more, this is everything you need to channel your fury and make the best of the journey to work.

This book is a call to arms and a sign of solidarity amongst commuters. Whenever you see a fellow traveller with a copy, give them the secret sign of the commuter: ignore them completely. But inside you both will know that you are part of a silent army.

We are commuters. We are coming. But we will probably be at least half an hour late.


  • The train now arriving on platform one is on fire. Passengers are advised not to board this train.
    Bournemouth train station

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Jonathan Swan

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