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The Finnish Art of Drinking at Home. Alone. In Your Underwear.


Russell Howard and Greg Davies discuss Pantsdrunk:
R: ‘It feels very English to get pissed in your underwear, on your own, and then not go out
G: ‘I’ve been doing it my whole adult life!
R: ‘Do you think it will make us live longer?
G: ‘No. Quite the reverse
R: ‘But it’ll make the time we have on Earth… seem more fun

is a refreshing take on the personal-development genre. In Finland there is a special word – 'kalsarikänni' – to denote ‘drinking at home, alone, in your underwear’.

It is no coincidence Finland consistently rates in the top five in happiness ranking. In Finland, Päntsdrunk is considered a path to recovery and self-empowerment to help you face your future challenges, much like the 'lagom' or 'hygge' of their other Scandi neighbours.

The Päntsdrunk method also includes bingeing on Netflix, scrolling mindlessly on your phone, sweet and salty snacks, sofa time, and blocking all work communications. It will lead you to a healthier, more energising and relaxing life – wherever, whenever.


  • Give päntsdrunk a go. Scandi living might be for you after all
    Guy Kelly, Daily Telegraph

About the author

Miska Rantanen

Miska Rantanen is a Finnish journalist and author of non-fiction. He works for the largest Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and specialises in culture, politics and digital media. He has previously published six non-fiction books.
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