What I’ve Learnt about Parenthood, Race and Identity


'This is the kind of book I wish I had access to as a young mum' Nadiya Hussain

M(other)land is a thought-provoking memoir that expertly navigates the complex relationship between cultural identity and motherhood. Drawing on her personal experience as a British-Indian mother, Priya Joi illuminates how parenthood brought fresh perspective to her own upbringing and the origins of her sense of belonging.

Joi takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, tackling subjects such as internal identity conflicts and the discomfort of feeling like an outsider. This memoir is an exploration of how one’s cultural identity intricately intertwines with their role as a mother, and how multicultural parenting influences future generations.

M(other)land’s powerful narrative will resonate with those who fall outside the ‘traditional’ depictions of parenthood, who have faced identity queries or navigated racial issues, shedding light on these nuanced experiences for the first time.


'A beautifully written memoir and a thought-provoking critical intervention into race and motherhood - we can all learn something from this brilliant must-read book' Julia Samuel, leading British psychotherapist and bestselling author


  • 'This is the kind of book I wish I had access to as a young mum'
    Nadiya Hussain

About the author

Priya Joi

Priya Joi is a well-respected science journalist with a career spanning 20 years and has worked for organisations including the World Health Organisation, The Lancet and New Scientist. She reported on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic and has reported from the field on malaria, HIV, and TB. She has freelanced for The Guardian, BBC and Médecins Sans Frontières, and has chaired and spoken at science conferences. Joi has worked to shine a light on issues of race, sexism and discrimination her entire career. M(other)land is her first book.
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